We are off to Yorkshire this week where we have added 3 new station pages for ABC FM, Music City Radio and Calderdale Sound. We have some information on the stations and some new newspaper cuttings along with some recordings we have had for a while.

Also in Yorkshire, we have updated the Paradise City Radio page with some updated information on the station and some more newspaper cuttings.

And finally, while we are up North, in the North West section we have added some cuttings to the Merseyside Free Radio page.



For this update it’s off to the London section where we have added a new page for Radio Comsat.

We have also added newspaper cuttings and/or station artwork to the Horizon, JFM, LMR, RFL, Invicta, Kaleidoscope and Thameside Radio pages.

The new files are marked NEW


What better way to start 2023 than with another update…

In the North West section we have added cuttings to the Storeton Community Radio and KFM pages.

On our miscellaneous page we have added a couple of general articles on pirate radio from the 1980s.

In the West Midlands section we have added some new recordings to the Exile and UK Radio pages as well as 31 new cuttings to the PCRL page.

The new files are marked NEW

Happy New Year Everyone 🙂