Well this will be the last update for this year most likely, so first off lets just say thanks for everyone who has helped us by sending us information and recordings this year, please keep them coming. Also we hope that everyone has had a great Christmas and hopefully you’ll have a great New Year too, just don’t drink too much!

Anyway, update time. Just a few items have been added this time, first off on the Sunshine Radio Ludlow page we’ve added a couple of new recordings, one of which was the last time they ever came on air as a pirate. Elsewhere we’ve added a couple of new cuttings to the Freedom Radio page and a new fact sheet to the Power House Radio page, and one new cutting on the Misc page, many thanks to midlandsfirst for these.

And that’s it, see you soon in 2014.

Our update this week is to the Girls FM London page, where we’ve added sixteen new audio files, for your enjoyment.

Just a couple of new files added today from Fresh FM Leeds, these can be found on the Yorkshire misc station audio page.

A few updates today, first off we’ve updated the Anoraks UK magazines in the Misc section. The 1983/84 section now has all the editions available for viewing, updates to the rest of the Anoraks UK archive will be completed soon. Other updates this week can be found in the West Mids Misc audio section, where we’ve added nine new audio files.

Various updates across the site again this week, the first of which is the addition of three new files to the London misc audio page. Next we move to the Yorkshire section, where we have added twenty three new audio files to the misc audio page. The majority of the new files are from Freak FM who broadcast from York, Rush FM also from York and Ovaload FM from Hull, there are also files from Sweet, Twilight and Underground FM too.

A couple of updates to the site this week. The first is to the Mix FM page, where we’ve added several new photographs to the page. The other updates this week are to the complete station lists for the London and North West areas of the country. Both of these lists are still a work in progress, but should you know of any information that is incorrect or missing, then please email us to let us know.

A couple of updates to the site this week, all of which are to the complete stations lists for different areas of the country. These can all be found by clicking on the stations from the top menu and selecting your area of choice. The London  and a couple of other lists are still a work in progress. If you know of any updates any of these lists need, please get in touch with us.

The Mix FM Birmingham page has been updated today with a slight update to the story and a couple of new audio files added, while the LWR page has also gained a couple of new recordings.

Another update to the site today, we’ve added nine new files to the London misc audio page from Face FM, Freeze FM and Radio Gemini. Another new station has also been added, this time for Girls FM. Here you’ll find some information about the station as well as some audio for download. Enjoy.

We have added a new page for Fantasy FM from London to the site today. There you’ll find a little information about the station as well as some station flyers and audio for download.

Small update today to the PCRL page, where we’ve added five new audio files for download.

Update time again and today we’ve added a couple of new pages for stations in London. The first is for Thames Radio & Radio Britannia where there is some info about the station and a couple of audio downloads too. The second new page is for Thameside Radio, which has a bit of information about the station and audio downloads too. The other update this week is to the EST page, which has gained one new file, many thanks to the uploader for this.

Update time again and being as it’s a Bank Holiday, we thought we’d make it a bumper one. Loads of new files added across the whole site this time, first off in the Scotland section, we’ve added one new file, while the North West and Yorkshire misc audio pages both gain two new files each. The South misc audio page and the Bristol & South West misc audio page have both also gained one new file. The South East misc audio page has gained 14 new files including several from Cyndicut FM. The largest addition of new files this week though is to the London section. There are 32 new files in the misc audio section and new files have also been added to the following stations pages. Alice’s Restaurant, Horizon, JFM, LWR, Radio Invicta, Radio Jackie, Radio Kaleidoscope, Radio Sovereign, Skyline, Solar & TKO. Many thanks to Dave Small for some more quality recordings. As ever the new files have been marked as such to find locating them easier, enjoy.

Update time again and today we’ve added another station page to the site, this time for Inner City Radio, or ICR from Chelmsford in Essex. There is only a small amount of info about the station, but there are a few audio files for download. Other updates this week, is on the London Misc audio page, where we’ve added another new recording from Laser Hot Hits, a shortwave station, but a program which is about London pirates from the 1980s.

The Radio Jackie page has been updated today, with the addition of twelve new audio files.

Update time again and today we have updated the Power House Radio page. PHR made a return to the airwaves in 2006, 16 years after it originally closed down, and added to the page is some audio files from their return in 2006. Other updates this week is a new file which has been added to the Radio Jackie London page. All new files have been marked as NEW to make finding them just that little bit easier for you.

Time for a site redesign.

The new layout is almost complete, just a few little bits to tidy up over the coming weeks but on the whole i’m sure you’ll agree the new layout is better than the old one, which after six years needed a face lift. The new site design will also alter depending on what device you view the site upon. It has an automatic in-built adjustment that will cater for a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, so with more people using their mobiles these days to view the internet, hopefully you’ll find the new design more flexable than the old one.

On to new content now, there are a few new videos on the video page, as normal these are marked as NEW to make their location a little easier. These include a series of films released by the now legal Rinse FM from London, a new film which is due to be released soon called Drowned City, and another trailer this time for a book, called Masters Of The Airwaves

A few more updates across the site today. First in the London section there are new audio files on the following station pages, Alices Restaurant, Horizon Radio, JFM & LWR. In the West Midlands section we have just added a new page for Laser 92 from Birmingham and also a few more files on the Misc station audio page. Off to the South East section now, where we’ve added another couple of files to the misc stations page there too.

Quick update today, we’ve just added a couple of new videos to the site about pirate radio. These as ever are marked as NEW to make their location easy. On the Misc page we have also added another Documentary from Radio 4, this one with Trevor Nelson looking at pirate radio today, compared to how it was when he was a pirate himself, on Kiss FM.

Update time again, this time we’ve added nine more files to the Dimension FM page. All the new files are marked as NEW for easy identification. Enjoy.

Well high time we got the updates rolling once again don’t you think…. Ok first off then, we have just added a new page for TKO which used to broadcast in London in the 80s, there is some information on the station and audio up for grabs on the new page. Also in the London section, we have added some more audio files to the following station pages, DBC, JFM, LWR & Solar Radio. Other new audio files can be found on the Dream FM Leeds page and the Exile Radio page from the West Mids. Well that’s it for this time, but there is plenty more on the way don’t you worry.