Alice’s Restaurant are named after the song and album by singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie, and played rock music to London at the weekend.

They were first heard in 1981, but many of their members have been rockin’ the airwaves on various stations since the 1960’s. Once described as a “rock giant” in national newspaper columns, Alice’s Restaurant stood out from the rest with their motto of, “No funk, no punk, no junk.”

Many of the big stations of the early 80s closed in 1985, making it tougher for the ones who remained. Alice survived until late 1986, but then started to look at other opportunities. They looked at the possibility of the promised community licences, but they never happened. Then, in the 1990’s negotiations with major players in the radio biz meant that Alice’s had a very good chance of getting the 104.9 FM slot in London which XFM now occupies.

Some of the Alice team are still around, with plans to return to the air via high powered foreign short wave transmitters.

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