Time for the last update of the year. There are quite a few additions to the site this time around, mainly in the West Midlands section. Here we have new audio files added to the following pages, West Mids Misc Audio, County Radio, Exile Radio, Powah Fm & UK Radio. All the new files will be marked as NEW for easy identification. We do have one new station page which we’ve just added and that is for Rush FM, who used to broadcast from Telford up until 2006. In the Bristol & South West section of the site, we have added an in-depth station story to the SYT page, written by Terry Starr. The London section of the site has gained a few new recording to it’s Misc Audio page and also to the JFM page many thanks to Dave Bullock for this. That’s about it for this year then, there will be much more added to the site in 2013, so all that’s left to say is we hope you all had a good Christmas, and we hope you have a good new year.

Quite a few updates to the site again this week, the first of which is in the London section again. Here we’ve added yet another station to the archive, this time it’s Solar. The new page has some information about the station, a newsletter and some audio all up for grabs. Next we move to the West Mids section, here we’ve added quite a few new recordings, first on the Exile Radio page there are a couple of new recordings from 1994, next on the Fantasy FM page there is one new recording and on the West Mids audio page there are a total of eleven new recordings from the following stations, BCRS, Time FM, Vision FM & Wax FM. All new recordings are marked as NEW to make locating them as easy as possible. Next we move to the Bristol & South West section, where we’ve added another recording of Contact 94, this can be found on the Misc audio page for this section, many thanks to Mara for this recording. The final update this week is on the main Misc audio page, where we have added one new recording of a documentary broadcast on Radio 4 back in 1984 about pirate radio.

Update time again and today we have added to the London section of the site, the Kiss FM page. As normal we’ve got some information about the station as well as some artwork and audio downloads of the station, both as a pirate and a few from its early days as a legal, have a listen to the difference from today’s output!

Update time again and yes i know it’s been a little while, sorry. Ok plenty of small bits this time around all over the site, to give us a good clear-up. First off then in the Bristol section, we’ve updated the text on the Passion FM page, many thanks to Mulder for this and also added a new flyer to the Emergency FM page. In the East Mids section, we’ve also added another new flyer to the Heatwave page.

Now off up north to Yorkshire and here we’ve added a new station page to the site for Britannia Radio. There is some info on the station, a couple of posters and a few audio files for download too. Still in the Yorkshire section, we’ve added another flyer to the NLV page.

In the West Mids section, on the PCRL page we’ve added some more artwork and station flyers and on the Sounds Alternative page we’ve added a couple of editions of the Birmingham Soundwaves magazine, which was produced by Sounds Alternative.

In the London section, the DBC page has gained another couple of recordings which were donated to the site by Simon, many thanks for these.

That’s your lot for this update, there will be another very soon.

Update time again and once again we’ve got quite a few London bits we’ve added to the site. These can be found on the DBC, Horizon, LWR, Skyline & London Misc pages. All the new files added are marked as NEW. In addition to the London material added, we’ve also added another couple of files to the West Mids Misc page, these are from Rise FM which used to broadcast from the Dudley area in the late 80s-early 90s. Over in the East Midlands, we’ve added a number of new pictures to the Radio Arthur page of their FM transmitter which used to run somewhere in the region of 450 watts and finally in the Scotland section, we’ve added another couple of files from Radio Freedom International and Radio Impact. All new files as mentioned will be marked as such on the relevant pages to make finding them easier.

Today we’ve added another two London station pages, these are for DBC (Dread Broadcasting Corporation) and Radio Jackie. Both of these new pages have some information about the stations as well as some artwork and audio for download. In addition to these couple of new pages being added, there are also a few new recordings on the London Misc audio page.

Update time again and this time we are looking at the Bristol & South West section of the site. We’ve added some more recordings to the misc station audio page for Castle Radio from Salisbury, Moonraker Radio Corporation from Corsham and for Shockwave Radio which broadcast from Yeovil.

A few new additions to the site today, the first is a new misc audio page this time for the South East of the country. Next we move to the London section again, where we’ve added some more new station pages. The first is JFM the second is for Skyline Radio and the third is for London Music Radio. All the new pages have some information about the stations and some audio for download too.

It’s update time again and this time there are a few updates across the site. The first update is to the misc page which has had two new cuttings added to it and a copy of issue one of TX Magazine. The next update is to the PCRL page which has gained itself three new recordings and the last update for this time is the launch of another new section to the site covering the North West of England. This has at present four new recordings which are available for download.

Well being as it’s a bank holiday, we thought it would be rude not to give you another update, so lets get on with it.

Ok, we’ve added another page to the London section of the site this time for LWR. You’ll find some information about the station as well as some cuttings and audio up for download. In addition to the LWR page, we’ve also added another three recordings to the London misc stations page this time of Rooftop Radio.

Moving outside of London, we’ve added yet another misc audio stations page this time for South England with some more audio goodness for download.

Other updates this week can be found in the East Midlands misc section, where we’ve added one new recording this time for Robin Hood Radio and in the West Midlands section where the County Radio page has also gained a new recording.

Well quite a few updates so far, but we’re not done just yet! Keep you’re eyes open over the next few weeks as there is a fair bit more to come. Oh one last thing, you can now follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you so wish. You’ll find the relevant links on the lower left hand side of all the site pages. The buttons will allow you to share or like our content with all of your friends with one simple click. Enjoy.

This weeks update once again is to the London section of the site where we’ve added another couple of station pages. The new additions are Radio Invicta and Radio Sovereign. Both pages have some information about the stations and some audio for download. We’ve also added one new recording to the Alice’s Restaurant page too as well as another four recordings to the London Misc audio page. That’s it for this update, but should you have any good quality recordings of any of these stations, please send them over to us so we can add them to the page.

Today we have added a new section to the site covering London stations. The stations covered at present are Alice’s Restaurant, Horizon Radio & Radio Kaleidoscope. We’ve also added a misc audio section for this area too, the link to which can be found at the top of the London stations page. There will be more updates to this area of the site in the coming weeks too.

Updates this week to the site can be found in a few sections. First we’ve added another couple of recordings to the Bristol & South West Misc audio page of a station called Sound City Radio which was from Plymouth. The next update is on the Nova Radio page from Leicester which has gained two more recordings. Moving further north we come to the Yorkshire section, where we’ve added a new station to the section called NLV Radio. There is some information about the station and also a few recordings too. The final section of the site to get an update this week is the Scotland section. Here we’ve added three new recordings of Boomerang FM which broadcast from Edinburgh and K-oss FM which came from Glasgow. There are another couple of recordings from Radio Atlantis & Radio Nova, both of which came from the Ayrshire region.

Update time again and we have quite a few updates for you this week spread across the site. The first update is on the South West misc audio page, where we’ve added some audio for Radio Avalon which broadcast from the Glastonbury festival.

All the other updates this week are all in the East Mids section of the site. Here we’ve added some more audio to the misc stations page from Centre Radio, Emergency FM, Rave FM & Touch FM all from Nottingham. Other updates can be found on the Globe FM page which has had one new audio file added and another replaced with a longer version of the original. The Heatwave page has gained itself three new recordings of the station from 1992.

There have been a couple of updates to the site today. The first of these is on the West Midlands misc audio page. Here we have added four new recordings, three from Bass Station FM and one from Rise FM. The other update to the site this week is on the general Misc page, where we’ve added a new newspaper cutting from The Independent from 1988.

Well time for another update on the site, and this week we have added a couple of new stations pages for the Yorkshire area. The new pages cover Radio Veronica which came from Bradford and also Paradise FM or PCR as they were also known. Both the pages have the normal info about the stations as well as some audio and other bits we found knocking about. The final small update to the site this week, is on the Misc page where we have added a few more weekly reports from early 1986 to the collection.

There have been a few updates to the site again this week, the first and largest is to the UK Radio page. Here we have added nine new recordings in total and some new newsletters from the station. The next update comes in the Bristol section, where we’ve added some new audio to the Magnum & Ragga FM pages. In the Scotland section of the site, we have updated the complete Scotland stations list, with the addition of a couple of new stations and the update of the details of a couple of others, many thanks to Project FM for this info. The final update this time around is the creation of a new user gallery. This put quite simply is just for the pictures we have uploaded to the site. This new gallery can be found by just hanging your mouse over the Gallery button at the top of the page, from there follow the link to the User Gallery.

First update of the year and as you might already be aware it’s a little more this time than just the addition of some new audio files to the site. First things first, i hope everyone had a good Christmas & New Year and didn’t over do it 😉

Ok to the site, well this update was long overdue and that was giving the whole site a facelift. As you should already know, if you’ve looked at the site already the green links have gone, yeah i know they should have been banished ages ago, but you know how it is. The colour scheme of the site has been changed so that it should be a little less harsh on the eye while navigating around. Speaking of navigation, we have a new drop-down menu at the top of all the pages as well as a new custom Google search box, these additions should make finding content on the site to a new comer a little easier.

Right onto new content, yep we’ve added some of that too! We have added a new page for Scotland, here you’ll find seven new files for download from three stations, many thanks to Sparkgap for these and several others across the site too.

In the Bristol & South West section, we’ve added some new audio in the misc audio page as well as new files on the SPEC, Raw 101, Ragga, Power FM, Passion FM, Magnum & FTP pages. There is also a new page for a station called TYHM Radio.

In the East Midlands section, there has been a few new files added to the misc audio page there too.