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18 Years Of Rinse – Sept 2012
A series of short clips released by Rinse FM London to celebrate their 18th birthday and a look back at their history.
BBC1 London News Report – May 2007
A news report from BBC London about pirate radio stations.
2 mins
BBC1 South East – First Sight – 1996
A documentary about pirate radio in and around London, including Kool FM
27 mins
BBC1 – The One Show – 24/3/09
A short report about Radio Caroline and current land based pirates.
3 mins
BBC1 West Midlands – Inside Out – 3/10/07
A documentary about pirate radio in the West Midlands and includes an interview with Sting FM from Birmingham.
11 mins
Bedroom Radio – Allusion FM 100.8 Glasgow – 2002
Filmed over a period of 18 months, Bedroom Radio is a story of Pirate radio broadcasting, Love, Life, and Death on a different Scottish frequency.
42 mins
Drowned City Documentary – Coming Soon
A new documentary looking at the London pirate radio scene. See the trailers.
Edit V – Dream FM Leeds
A documentary about Dream FM from Leeds.
15 mins
Freeze FM – London – Full Documentary NEW
This is the full Freeze FM documentary directed & produced by Ashley J, featuring over 60 DJ’s, MC’s & artists originally on Freeze FM from London.
98 mins
Is It Worth It – Pirates Of The Airwaves – 10/07/08
A documentary about Radio Frequency from Leeds broadcast on ITV Yorkshire.
25 mins
Kiss FM – Radical Radio – Channel 4 – 7/9/90 
A documentary about launch of the legal Kiss FM from London.
25 mins
London Pirate Radio Documentary – 29/3/10
A new documentary from Palladium Boots looking at the pirate radio scene in London
16 mins
London Tonight – Weekend Rush 92.3 – 1994
A news report from around 1994 about the lengths some pirates have gone to stay on the air.
4 mins
Masters Of The Airwaves – The Rise & Rise Of Underground Radio – March 2013
A book trailer, that tells the story of the birth of black music radio in Britain in the 70s. It started out with a few black music shows on legal radio, leading on to the black music pirate radio boom, and culminating with legal, black music radio stations.
10 mins
More 4 News Report – October 2005
A news report about the Lozells riots and how the Birmingham pirate radio stations were blamed for starting the allegations which lead to the riots. This of course fails to mention that all the main press also reported these  allegations at the time as well.
6 mins
Radio Arena – 1994
A documentary about pirate radio in London, including Rush FM.
12 mins
Stay Sailing – July 2012
This is the story of Pirates as they face their toughest challenge- the digital age. Will it kill FM? Told with death defying footage of raising the transmitter 20 storeys up, interviews and music.
24 mins
The Black & White Pirate Show – CH4 – 13/7/87
A programme featuring 60s Offshore stations and 80s land based stations including DBC, PCRL and JBC.
50 mins
UK Pirate Radio Documentary – Making Waves – 2000
A documentary about pirate radio, including some footage of Rube FM from London.
24 mins