Pirate Radio Forums

Radio Necks – Great site featuring loads of London radio chat & material.
Radio-Anoraks – A new radio based forum.

Other Radio Archiving Sites

AM/FM – Past issues of TX & AM/FM together with histories, photos and memorabilia from the eighties pirates.
Broadcast Brothers – Loud, Proud and Illegal: Pirate Radio in Nottingham, 1986 – 1996
London Listening Station – Great site with an online scanner preset to pirate channels.
Radio Eric – Station histories and audio from London pirates from the 60s,70s and 80s.
London Pirates – Another site from London featuring stations from the 90s.
Merseyside Pirates – Loads of Merseyside pirate info from the past to the present.
Radio Azanorak – Over 100 Gigs of offshore radio audio for download.
OffShore Radio – Anything and everything to do with offshore radio.
The Pirates Cove – Offshore & Irish stuff from 70s & 80s including pirate diary from 84-89.
The DX Archive – Loads of Irish stuff and a bit of offshore.
Pirate.ie/archive – Loads of Irish recordings. Updated regularly.
The Pirate Radio Toolbar – A useful toolbar for tuning into pirate internet streams.
Renegade Radio – Renegade brings the rave home, streaming radio, downloads & more.
Pirate Memories – QSL’s and audio clips of Short Wave pirates.
LPWS – The Laughing Policeman Wireless Society.
Transmission Zero – London pirate station listings and more.

Pirate Website Links

Deep FM – Deep FM 89.6 West Midlands
Flex FM – Flex FM 104.1 from London
Hot 92 – Hot 92 from Birmingham
House FM – House FM 100.3 from London
Irie UK – Irie 99.4 from the West Midlands
Kool FM – Kool 94.6 FM London
Laser Hot Hits – Laser Hot Hits
Noize UK – Noize UK Radio 103.4 Birmingham
Passion Live – Passion FM 97.9 from London
Point Blank FM – Pointblank 90.2 FM from London
Radio Frequency – Radio Frequency 88.1 FM from Leeds
Rude FM – Rude FM 88.2 from London
Select UK Radio – 99.3 Live from London
Shine FM – Shine 87.9 from London
Skyline Radio – Skyline 94.2 from Wolverhampton
Stingdem – Sting FM 94.4 from Birmingham
Vision Radio UK – Vision Radio 88.4 from London

Online Streaming Radio Stations

Dance Radio UK – 2 channels one station, from the West Midlands
Future Drumz – Featuring Underground Dance Music, Jungle, Drum & Bass & Dubstep
Only Old Skool Radio -Internet Radio Station Playing 24/7 Old Skool

Other Non Radio Links

Say No To 0870 – Find standard landline numbers for a company and pay real local rate calls instead of national rate.
Speedcam.co.uk – It’s always good to keep upto date on the latest tactics of these  scammers. Findout more here.
Who Calls Me – Ever had a number call you that you don’t regonise? It might be a cold caller or a scammer, enter it here to findout.
Nick Byng Blog – Old Times, New Times, The Big Time!!!
UK Vibe – Jazz Culture : 22 years and counting