Uploading files is very simple, just follow the steps below to upload any file to us.

  1. Click the + to select files to send (you can alternatively just drag & drop the file(s) you wish to upload)
  2. Select the file you wish to upload from your computer
  3. Click Start Begin upload (bottom right)
  4. Wait for the file(s) to upload
  5. That’s it 🙂 To send more files just click done and repeat.
  6. To send us some information about the files uploaded if not clear in the tagging of the file, email [email protected] or give us a shout in our forum which you can access from the Forum link at the top of the page.

Q. I have some old tapes but they have never been converted to mp3 files, how can i do this?
A. Ripping tapes as it’s called and converting them into mp3 files is a very simple task. We have a little guide HERE which will explain how to do this.

Q. How Long Will It Take For Me To Upload A File?
A. The amount of time it will take to upload a file to us will depend of two main factors, the size of the file you are uploading and your internet connection upload speed. For an average upload speed of 512k a 15MB file will take roughly 5 mins to upload (assuming everything is running at maximum speed, the actual time could be longer than this if the internet or your connection is running a little slowly).

Q. What Format Should I Send Audio Files In?
A. The preferred and most common format for audio files on the web is mp3. If however you have some audio in a different format you wish to send us, feel free.

Q. What Bitrate Should I Save My Audio Files At?
A. As high as possible. If you are going to rip any tapes, then please make sure you save your files as stereo NOT mono and at a bitrate of at least 192k 44kHz.

Q. Can I Send You Some Shortwave Or Offshore Recordings?
A. We do not host any offshore or shortwave recordings. If you do have some offshore material you wish to share, then go to our links page and you’ll find links to some websites which specialise in this material.

Q. I Already Have Some Files Uploaded To A Sharing Website, Can I Send You The Links?
A. Of course you can. If you find it easier to upload your files to Mediafire, Mega or Mixcloud for example, or maybe you already have an account with one of these sites, then please just email us the links to the files.