Jamm FM started broadcasting in April 1992 on 105.5 FM. The station was originally started as a way to get soul music on the airwaves in Portsmouth.

There were only two of us Djing on it originally, Myself – DJ Tee and The B-Man. Initially we just broadcast using pre-recorded shows only on Sundays, but after about a month our output went totally live, and soon after that we started to add more DJs to the stations line-up. The station went from broadcasting one evening a week, to broadcasting 3 evenings in the week and from midday onward over the weekend.

Jamm FM provided a healthy mix of Soul, Reggae, Hip-hop and US House music old and new. We had a good run for nearly two years with no busts, but eventually we got our collars felt by the radio authorities. It was one late Friday evening in August 1994, right in the middle of the True Skool Rap show, that our broadcast was shut down by the DTI.

Jamm FM had a very good signal across Portsmouth, Fareham, Havant, Hayling and the Isle of Wight, with further signal reports coming in from as far as Southampton and Petersfield. This was not bad considering that the FM transmitter itself was an old converted 50 watt Pye Westminster unit, being run into a standard dipole aerial situated on terraced house, surrounded by a great big hill.

Trouble FM, Goodvibes FM and Real Love were all reincarnates of Jamm FM.

Good times.

Timeline and DJs

Jamm 105.5 FM 1992 – 1994
DJ’s Tee, JB, Becky & Mel, Jammin, Underground Kid, Infamous Rap Show, DB, Size, Triston (Studs & Kirby) Lawrence, Mondo Dan & Jason, Duce & Big Steve, EZ L, Kelly W, Paul D, House Junkie, Vinylgroover. Jake M, DJ Warren, Rob A, Dunk the funk. Busted by DTI Aug 1994 (halfway through the true skool rap show)

Trouble 105.8 FM 1994 – 1995
DJ’s Tee, JB, Duce, Kelly W, Loz, Little Mark, DJ Anne, Steve & Jim S, Leon and Triggs, Eke, Jason W, Rapid & Rod.

Goodvibes 106.8 FM 1995
Tee, Kelly, Duce, Loz, Kelly W, Bionic, Fly Mic, Jez, DJ Rapid & Rod, Leon, Triggs
(Busted by DTI New Years Eve 1995)

Real Love Radio 99.5 FM 2002 – 2005
DJ’s Tee, Jaybee, Dough Love, Bionic, Tony B, Fly, Kelly W, Chrissie T.



Jamm FM – 105.5 – Tee – 1992 33 mins
Jamm FM – 105.5 – Tee – Groove Aquarium Show – 1992 37 mins
Jamm FM – 105.5 – The Underground Kid – March 1993 55 mins
Jamm FM – 105.5 – DJ B – April 1993 62 mins
Jamm FM – 105.5 – Tee – Groove Aquarium Show – 1993 44 mins
Jamm FM – 105.5 – Caesar – Soul Show – 1993 67 mins
Trouble FM – 105.8 – Duce – True Old Skool Rap Show – 1994 46 mins
Real Love Radio – 99.5 – Fly – 2002 30 mins
Real Love Radio – 99.5 – Kelly Wainright – Low Altitude Grooves Show 46 mins