The Dimension FM page has been updated today with the addition of six new audio files for download.

There has been an update to the site this week on the EST/Empire Radio page. We have added some new audio and also some artwork for download.

There have been quite a few updates to the site this week, across most sections. Firstly there has been new audio added to the East & West Midlands & Yorkshire various stations pages. Additional audio files have been added to the Dream FM Leeds page, as well as County Radio and the Sounds Alternative West Midlands stations pages.

More updates to the Bristol & south west section of the site today, where we have added another two pages for two more stations. The new stations are, Raw FM 101 and SYT Radio. Both have audio available for download as well as some information about the stations.

We have made another quite large update to the site today. The updates are for the Bristol region, where we have added five new station pages to the site. The stations added are Magnum Radio, Passion FM, Power FM, Ragga FM and Storm FM. As normal there is some info about these stations and some audio for download.

Updates today to the site can be found within the Bristol section, where we have added two new stations pages. The new stations added are R.A.W. Radio and SPEC FM. Both pages have audio for download as well as information about the stations themselves.

There has been another update to the site today. We have added new audio files to the following Bristol stations pages, Black FM, Emergency FM and FTP Radio.

There have been quite a few updates to the site this week. The first is an update to the Misc page. Here we have updated our 1985 Anoraks UK Weekly Reports, with these now containing much more information as well as a whole host of new reports, although we are still missing a few, if you can help out filling the gaps, then please let us know so we can get a complete set on the site. Next on the Misc page, we have added an audio only copy of ITV’s Central Weekend pirate radio debate which was broadcast back in 1988, once again if anyone should have this on video then please let us know. We have also removed all the random station audio that used to be at the bottom of the Misc page and created a new Misc station audio section for each area of the country (eg Bristol, Yorkshire etc). You will find these at the top of each areas stations list page. This now makes it much easier to find audio from your selected area rather than it being split over several areas on the site. There are also some new audio files in all of these new misc station audio sections, so
check them all out. There will of course be updates to these pages over the coming months, so ensure you check them out, but as always we’ll keep you updated. Enjoy 😉

There have been a few updates to the site this week, all of which are in the Yorkshire section. We have added two new stations to this section, they are Emergency FM from Bradford and also NRG FM from Leeds. Both of these pages have audio of the stations. Another update this week comes to the Dream FM Leeds page, which has gained another
couple of new recordings for download.

The Dimension FM page has been updated today. Added to the page today is some information on the station as well as some photos and also audio files for download.

The PCRL page has been updated this week with the addition of one new piece of artwork and five new audio recordings for download.

As you might have noticed we have been moving our servers about, this work has been pretty much completed now, but did take longer than was anticipated. The reason for this was we moved a lot of our material to Rapidshare, who then very kindly decided to change their service with less than one months notice. The updates they made to their system
made it useless for us, as we don’t like to see silly download pages that make you wait for however long, so it was time for us to move all our content again. Anyway all being well we should now be pretty much sorted (famous last words hey…).

The Misc page has been updated today with the addition of some new Anoraks UK weekly reports. These are from the 1983/4 era. We hope to have some more of these soon and will update the page as we get them. As ever if you should have any of these reports that we are missing then please email us with the info thanks.

There has been a few updates to the site this week. The first is on the stations page, which now has three new areas of the country to select. The new areas are Scotland, North East England and also Yorkshire. There is a complete stations listing page for all these areas, as ever if you know of any errors or anything we are missing please let us know. We hope to add some more stations from these areas in due, course material depending of course. The other update this week is in the Yorkshire section, where we’ve added a new page for Dream FM from Leeds. There is some info on the station as well as some audio available too.

There have been a couple of small updates this week to the site. This first is to the UK Radio page, here two new audio files have been added. The second update is on the PHR page, which has gained one new audio file.

Today we have added another new station to The Archive. Fresh FM from Leicester is the latest station to be added, and as usual you can find some audio and info on the station. Along with the audio, there is also some artwork too.

There has been a couple of updates to the site this week, the first is to the Mix FM page which has gained four new recordings. The second and larger update, is to the Emergency Radio Bristol page. This page has gained a further eight new recordings.

The Birmingham Weekend Radio page has been updated this week, with the addition of five new recordings from the 1988-1989 era.

There have been several updates to the site this week. The first is to the Mix FM page where we’ve added five new recordings. The second update the Power House Radio page, which has gained an additional three recordings. Other updates this week can be found on the Exile & Enterprise Radio pages. Both of these have gained one new recording each.

We have updated the Sunshine Radio page today with the addition of two new photos and eight new audio files for download.

We have added a new page today for Radio Nova from Leicester. As normal you’ll find some information about the station and also some audio for download. Elsewhere on the site this week, we’ve added another audio file to the Notorious FM page.

There has been a small update to the site this week on the County Radio page, where two new recordings have been added.

There have been a few small updates to the site this week, the first of which is to the FTP Bristol page. We added a couple of new recordings here many thanks to Paul for these. On the Exile radio page there has been one new recording added and on the misc page, we’ve added a new recording of Laser 98 from Staffs and also a couple of recordings from
a station called Black Country Sound.

We have a few updates to the site this week. The first is to the Freedom FM page where two new recordings have been added. The second is a new page for Midland Weekend Radio. You’ll find some info about the station and some audio for download here. The last update is in the East Midlands section, where a new page has been added for Notorious FM. As ever, there is some info on the station and also some audio up for download.