A few updates to the site this week. First of all in the London section, we have added a couple of new audio files to the Fantasy FM page, several new files can be found on the Horizon and Solar Radio pages, as well as one new file on the London Misc audio page. In the Northwest Section, there are a couple of new files on the Misc audio page. In the West Mids section of the site, we’ve added seven new files to the Sunshine Radio page. All these new files are marked NEW to make finding their location easy.

Just a small update to the site today. We’ve added new audio files to the North West, West Midlands, London & South East misc station audio pages.

A few updates today, first we have added one new audio file to the Dimension FM page. Next we’ve added three new audio files to the Horizon FM page and nine to the Solar Radio page, many thanks to Mark for these. On the Misc page, we’ve also added some more copies of the 1988 Weekly Reports, these are marked as NEW to find their location easier. Finally, we have added a new page for Pulse FM who used to broadcast from Portsmouth. We don’t have any audio for the station as yet, but do have some information and posters.

A few updates today, on the Horizon & Solar Radio London pages we’ve added a new recording to each, many thanks to Mark for these. Next on the Fresh & Globe FM pages we’ve also added a couple of new recordings. As normal the new files are marked as such to make their location easy. Last of all we continue to update the Anoraks UK news letters on the Misc page. We’ve added some more of these to the 1988 section and we’ll continue to add these as soon as we clean them up.

Well, it’s been a little while since the last update so high time we got off our backsides here and sorted one out! Ok just a few new items today, they can be found in the West Mids Misc Audio page, where there are a couple of new files from Radio Countdown and also on the main Misc page. Here we’ve added a documentary that was broadcast on BBC Radio London in 1983 about the pirates of the time. There is also a write up from Terry Starr on Radio 103.5 which used to broadcast from the Bristol area in 1986.

Another update will be on the way very soon, honest!

Just a couple of small updates today, the first is on the Misc page where we’ve added Jan & Feb 1988 to the Anoraks UK Weekly Reports, more on the way very soon. The next update is on the North West Misc Audio page, where we’ve added a few recordings of Caroline North, which was on air last month. Yes we normally avoid legal stations, however being as this was a special one off RSL we thought we’d add them to the site.

Today’s update can once again be found on the Misc page, where we have added all the copies of the 1987 Anoraks UK magazines.

A couple of updates today, first on the Sunshine Radio Ludlow page, where we have added a couple of new recordings and a technical information sheet. The next update is on the Misc page, where we’ve added/updated all the Anoraks UK Weekly Reports from 1986, to include the full magazine.

Just a little update today, we’ve moved the Kool FM Midlands content to our servers and added a few extra links.

Just one very small update to the site today, that is on the Kiss FM London page, where we’ve updated one audio file. This has been marked as updated to make it location easy. That’s it for this week, don’t worry though we are working on some more material behind the scenes.

Today we’ve added a new station page to the site in the South East section, for Premier FM who broadcast from Essex. As normal there is a little information about the station as well as a few photos and some audio for download. Enjoy.

Couple of small updates today in the London section of the site. There are new audio files to be found on the Fantasy, JFM and London Misc Stations pages, as usual these are marked as NEW to make their location easy.

Just a small update today, we’ve added a couple of new files to the South East Misc station audio page. These files are from TKO and Essence FM. In the West Midlands Misc station audio page there are also a couple of new files, these are from District FM.

Well first one of the new year, hopefully you all had a good one and have a few pounds left to see you until the end of the month….?

Anyway, update time and today we’ve added a new page to the site for Centreforce Radio from London, who used to broadcast back in 1989/90. As normal there is a bit of info about the station as well as some audio for download too. Elsewhere on the site, we’ve added a couple of new files to the Dimension FM Telford page, these are marked as new to make locating them easy.