Fusion FM first took to the airwaves in 2001, using a 2 Watt vfo rig from Matt James, aka J Bassline G, parent’s house in Brandhall/Oldbury. The signal was only good for around 3 miles, but could be heard 7-8 miles away on a good day.

Fusion or Jay wasn’t heard on air for a few years after that, but then Jay met up with Paul Johnson. He was a close family friend that had been on a number of stations and also run his own station, Explosion FM. This is where Jay’s real passion for radio began, and at the age of 18 was offered a show on Explosion 103.5 FM, where he started playing jungle.

After playing on Explosion for around 6 months, Jay decided to re-launch Fusion on 97.5 FM. They ran 120 Watts direct from a school friend’s house that lived in a very high location in the Black Country. Now, with around 6 jocks, and transmitting every Friday and Saturday night for around 6 months, the station got a good listener base and the phone was nonstop. Fusion could be heard as far away as Telford/Derby/Stoke on Trent and so on. After 6 months or so, Jay decided enough was enough of running direct, and Fusion went off air with a few tests from different locations.

Fusion wasn’t really heard again until 2011, and this is where the station really made a stand with a number of transmitters, transmitter sites and the backing of a good crowd. Fusion was back on the airwaves in full effect with a pretty big signal and multi-band compression. The station was on every weekend with bigger names wanting to join the station. The station was getting a bit of a name, but sadly this only lasted for around 8 months as Jay had other thinks to take care of. The station was too much to run, and Fusion hasn’t been heard since.


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DJ Sonic – Paul Johnson – 201159 mins
Johnny B – 21/8/1169 mins
Dave Stevens & Johnny B – 28/8/1170 mins
Johnny B – Breaker & Dabsy – 28/8/11143 mins
Dave Stevens – 4/9/11125 mins
Johnny B – 4/9/11133 mins
DJ LC – Donk Special – 10/9/1169 mins
Dave Stevens – 11/9/11133 mins
Johnny B – 11/9/11135 mins
Lee Thomas – 11/9/11136 mins
Paul Johnson & Jay Bassline G – 11/9/11118 mins
DJ LC – 24/9/1197 mins
Jamie D – Lee Thomas – 14/10/12241 mins
DJ LC – 15/10/11117 mins
J Bassline G – GLT – 21/10/12270 mins
DJ Sonic – Jamie D – Marky B – 2/11/12195 mins
Johnny B & Dave – 18/11/12173 mins
DJ Sonic – Jamie D – 23/11/1287 mins
DJ LC – 201242 mins
DJ Rowley – 201255 mins