RushFM-Telford-87.9LogoRush FM was originally founded by a team of individuals in early 2004 after the closure of Dimension FM. Dimension’s closure was a great loss to the underground scene of Shropshire, and something needed to be done in order to restore this community which was lost.

Rush FM plans quickly began to take a basic shape, and on Thursday 19th February 2004, the first test transmission took place on 87.9 consisting of pre-recorded shows ranging from hardcore, trance and drum and bass. After a few successful pre-recorded broadcasts, the first ever live broadcast took place on Saturday 17th April 2004, delivering 4 hours of hardcore and hard house.

However, commitments started to take over which waved farewell to many that had founded the station, and Rush was put on hold. Test broadcasts did crop up during summer and autumn of 2004, but nothing really ground breaking happened for the team.

Then, later on that year, a solid team of individuals were regained to assist in the running and maintenance of the station. This brought a whole new direction into the station.

A better DJ line up was conceived, and then live broadcasts began again in autumn/winter 2004. A deadline was set for the station to be completed, and an improved line up with more choice for the listeners.

This deadline was the 6th March 2005, and this was to be the start of a new breed of underground sounds from some of the most talented DJ’s from across the Midlands.

It was since that point that Rush really started to take off, coming to people’s dials everywhere in Shropshire and the surrounding counties, with a wide range of DJ’s from the Midlands to cater for every taste in underground dance music out there. It was a peoples station, putting the listeners first, and not a marketing strategy or a forced programming template.

Rush FM ultimately closed down at the start of 2006 due to the stations operators having other commitments, this however was not the end for Rush FM. Later in 2006 Midlands Rush was brought on air and broadcast up until 2010, and will be featured here on the archive in due course.


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Rush FM – 87.9 – Cyanide – 10/4/0566 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Dubmaster – 24/4/0557 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Astro & Diversify – 8/5/0564 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Dubmaster & Kuz – 12/8/05162 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Spangles & Superman – 12/8/05229 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Spangles – 13/8/0589 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Diversify, B Bass & Dubmaster – 14/8/05258 mins
Rush FM – 87.9 – Astro, Diversify & Dubmaster – 20/8/05159 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Emesdee & Foxy – 200516 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Lych & Lockdown – 12/11/0579 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – DJ Bomb & Plosion – 21/11/05118 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Various DJ’s – 19/12/05140 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Data – 24/12/05119 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Diversify – 3/12/0580 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Diversify – 24/12/05127 mins
Rush FM – 92.2 – Little Olie – 24/12/0529 mins