Time Radio were first heard in early 1987 on 103.7 FM. They featured many new DJs from the local scene, but also some pirate “names” such as CJ Carlos and Graham Gold.

They were later heard on 102.2 FM, and sometimes used other names like Time Community Radio and Big Time Radio. By June 1987, many DJs had left to join Fresh FM and the station had gone all together by early 1989.

More information on Time Radio can be found on the following site:

Mike Allen Page


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Time Radio – Flyer 1


31 mins
46 mins
Time Radio – 103.7 – Smokey Joe – DJ Robin – 17/10/87
47 mins
46 mins
Time Radio – 102.2 – DJ Alistair – 3/12/88
40 mins
Time Radio – 102.2 – Gammel Speng – Crystal Rose – Daddy Ernie – 4/12/88
46 mins