Storeton Community Radio (SCR) began life on in 1982 on 1296 kHz Medium wave. Their policy was to provide a public service and running costs of the station were shared by the presenters. The station later moved to 1026 kHz, and continued to broadcast over a large area of the North West and North Wales.

At its peak, the station was getting a good response from the public, and in 1984 the station was raided by the authorities. They returned to the airwaves the following year, but the station manager, Keith the Chief, and many of the presenters left and went to a rival station, Radio Merseywaves

SCR operated a mailing address from the Woodchurch Estate in Birkenhead.

They were last heard in 1989.


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Artwork & Newspaper Cuttings


SCR on You Tube 1986


Various Presenters 46 mins
Stevie Soundzs – 20/8/88 45 mins
Kevin Burnett & Pasco Brad – 28/8/88 45 mins