Romford based soul station Stomp FM were first heard in 1987. Early broadcasts were on Friday nights on 93.9, using one of the station founder’s girlfriends flat in East Ham! A change of site to Dagenham, and frequency to 105.2, happened later that year but it was then decided to go off the air until a new permanent base could be found.

A new studio was built inside a barn, and the station re-launched on Friday 8th April 1988 on a new frequency of 105.4. They were then on every weekend and quickly gained a large following. All was going well till 9th October when they suffered a studio raid.

They weren’t’ sure they’d be able to carry on at that point, but carry on they did. They then entered a period of various sites, some of which involved masts in back gardens, and the police popping to see what they were doing…..recording tapes….obviously…

They eventually found their last permanent base, but by the summer of 1989 they were being hit every week, just after they switched on. They managed to carry on until the 18th November 1990 when they decided to close down. They said at the time that the new laws that were coming on would make it difficult to stay in touch with listeners and to get advertising. The closedown was relayed via East London’s Sunrise Radio.

Stomp FM DJs included Ian Lawrence, Robbie C, Mark Matthews, Paul James, Eddie Gordon, Andy Jacobs, Chris Watts, Lee Perry, Steve Johnson, Justin Simons, Froggy, Steve Wren, Paul Plant, Tom Holland, Nicky Lawrence, Russ B, Bigger, Andy Mason, Gary Kent, Chris Surrey, Barry C, MPH, Brian Warren, John Anthony, Pete Collins, Andy Ryan, Sean Peters, John Ovel, Steve Goddard and Kev Hill.

Many of the Stomp FM DJs went onto other things. Two of the DJs set up Unity on 88.4 playing House towards the end of Stomp’s time. Some set up Concept 94.2 from Barking, some set up Euphoria 96.1, and one or two went to Active 107.5 which is now legal Time FM.

Stomp Radio is now on on-line station which can be found on the link below.

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Stomp FM – 105.4 – Clips 1988/1989
 7 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Paul P – August 88
64 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Andy Jacobs – Kev Hill – August 88
62 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Steve Wren – Kev Hill – August 1988
46 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Scott James – 4/12/88
6 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Chris Watts & Keith Richards – Jan 1989
4 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Scott James – 4/4/89
12 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Test – May 1989
2 mins
Stomp FM – 105.4 – Various DJs – Closedown – 18/11/90
106 mins