In May of 1988, there were rumours of new reggae, soul station starting in Leeds, but it wasn’t until June that the first tests took place for Rapid Radio.

Regular broadcasts started in June 1988, on 105.8 FM. By August they had shifted down to 103.6, and in September were on 98.1. By this point they were on daily from 7 AM to 1 AM with presenters such as The Fox, Professor Trickster, Sister B, Doctor Love and The Godfather. There was also the reggae top 20 on Sunday afternoons.

Their contact address was c/o Park Stores, 187 Spencer Place, Leeds 7.

Following a number of raids in late 1988, just before Christmas they moved back up to 105.1 FM.

They could still be heard in the early 1990s.

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Rapid Radio – 105.3 – Leeds – Ragga – 18/10/91 46 mins
Rapid Radio – 105.3 – Leeds – Ragga – 16/8/93 23 mins