Radio City operated on Sundays from 12 – 4pm between 1978 and 1983, and was the UK’s only 1950’s Rock and Roll Radio Station.

There were a few radio stations in London at the time, but Radio City was very different. It was rockin’, playing only the best of 1950’s Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Neo.

The station was started by Chop and Jock in ’78 and transmitted from a field in NW London with the long wire antenna going up to the top of a large tree, then across the field to another tree (inverted L).

Programmes were pre recorded onto a 1 hour cassette tape then played back on Sunday, with the tapes being changed every hour. The DJ’s included Rocking Chop, Jock, Luke the Duke, Wild Willy West, Superman and Tokin’ Ray.

The station had a massive following, with many writing into the mailing address weekly. Surprisingly, in the 5 years of weekly transmissions the station was only raided once and the transmitter confiscated.

One can only assume that the authorities liked the music!


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Radio City – 1260 kHz – Rocking Chop – Wild Willy West – 12/8/7917 mins
Radio City – 1278 kHz – Luke The Duke – 25/4/8262 mins
Radio City – 1278 kHz – Wild Willy West – Final Broadcast20 mins