DJ Shock was a teenager in the mid 80s, gripped in the fever of hip-hop and breakdance culture. Shock, along with friends Countdown, DJ Greenpeace & Chippy formed a crew and began learning to cut, scratch and paint graffiti like their idols across the pond. Mike Allen’s National Fresh radio show, networked from Capital FM across the UK, was their bible.

After a chance encounter with a fellow pupil at high school, Shock was chosen to play his 1st ever show on the radio. It was from what was then the biggest pirate radio station in the area, ABC FM 94.6 in his hometown of Leeds. This was an exciting moment as he had been a listener to the station over the last year or so. After involvement with other local pirates Shock decided that it was time for him and his friends to start one of their own and NRG Radio 100.5 FM was born.

This new station embraced the sounds of rave, and had a full weekend roster of DJ’s playing the best in Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass. After 6 months on air they were approached by another local station that had also began to broadcast across Leeds. That station was Dream FM, probably the most influential radio station to have ever happened in the North of England. After negotiating with Dreams management it was decided that they would merge together to form one super station for Leeds. This station would use the Dream FM name, so NRG was not heard again.


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Craig Fields – 1992 38 mins
DJ Gravity – 1992 46 mins
DJ Shock – 1992 89 mins
D-Rac Organisation – 1992 45 mins
Andrew Williamson – 30/11/92 45 mins