Midland Weekend Radio was a short lived station, operating for a few weekends in 1982. It was operated by two deejays from the local ILR station Mercia Sound. The station was put on the air to provide a music alternative to the sports put out by Mercia Sound on a Saturday afternoon.

They broadcast with 100 watts on 1305 kHz medium wave (just down a bit from Mercia who were on 1359 kHz) and on 92.2 FM stereo with 50 watts. They were quite technically ahead of their time with the medium wave TX installed in a cabinet on the roof of some tall flats in the East part of Coventry. It could then be switched on automatically from the 19 kHz stereo pilot tone from the FM transmitter located at the studio

The MW could be heard over a wide area, often as far away as Leeds.

Unfortunately the deejays voices were recognised, and after a few weeks, threats of dismissal were made by their manager at Mercia Sound. As a result the station had closed by the summer of 1982.

The MW TX ended up in Liverpool later in the year and was used by KGW on 954 kHz.


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MW Transmitter


John Stevens Test Transmission – 12/4/82 63 mins