Kiss FM was a dance station originally set up in competition with Radio WR. Most of the original Kiss DJ line-up were ex-Radio WR DJs who wanted to bring a more edgy, upfront sound on the dial.

It started in September 1991 on 101.6FM from a 25watt mono transmitter on the Malvern Hills. Programming was recorded.
After a few weeks the station found a studio in Worcester City Centre and broadcast regular live programmes on 100.0FM from the studio with signal covering the city well. DJ’s included Dave Barratt, Andy Westgate (who later became The Professor), Marky Mark, DJ Tanz and others. From November 1991 until early February 1992 the station was broadcasting every night and was very popular with the youth of Worcester. After several phone numbers were tried out, a phone box at the bus station (near the studio) was used (the number was Worcester 26710) and always rang continuously……..the station also promoted a couple of local raves including one at the Northwick Theatre in Worcester where the DJ’s were cheered after being introduced on stage!

On Sunday 16th February 1992 following DTI activity around the studio the station decided to broadcast from North Quarry on Malvern Hills from one of the DJ’s car with live DJ’s linking over their own recorded mixes….the signal was very strong across the South Midlands… was raided by DTI after an hour into the broadcast. All equipment was taken (including the car)…………….

Kiss 100 came back briefly in April 1992 with 35 watts mono but this was short lived.

The station moved location in late 1992 and attempted to rebuild, broadcasts began again in 1993 but were sporadic as concerns of the DTI court case were fresh in the minds of the management. With the launch of Classic FM on 100.1, Kiss had to move frequency, firstly to 100.7FM and later to 100.5FM. In 1994 the two people who were the management of Kiss went their separate ways and the station fell silent again.

One of the Kiss managers wanted to keep the station going, so Kiss moved location again in early 1995 and began regular weekend broadcasts on 99.8FM with a 50 watt mono transmitter. There was a mix of old and new DJ’s in the line-up. The programming was distinct between the ‘radio’ DJs and the ‘club’ DJs whose programs were predominately live mixes. This period of the station was again beginning to become popular with the people of Worcester, a mobile phone number was being used and people were again calling constantly for mentions and requests. In 1996 the station changed frequency to 105.2FM stereo and was alternating studio and transmitter locations to deter suspected DTI activity. The station fell silent in the early part of 1997 as the management were certain a raid was imminent after a police visit to the studio and a tip-off… but it never happened.

Kiss resumed broadcasting mainly on Sunday afternoon/evenings in the summer of 1997 on 99.8FM, but it was sporadic. The management and DJs were getting older and had family and work commitments, and it was increasingly difficult to secure studio and transmitter locations. The station officially closed in the early hours of Jan 1st 2000, but has been on air sporadically ever since on 99.8FM over bank holidays and Christmas.

Almost all of the original DJ line up now work in legal radio, or are involved in legal radio stations in some capacity.


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Kiss FM 100.5 – Tanz & Subway – 1994 45 mins
Kiss FM 99.8 – Tanz & Subway – Part 1 – 4/5/97 41 mins
Kiss FM 99.8 – Tanz & Subway – Part 2 – 4/5/97 45 mins