As the jingle once said, “Every city’s got a Kiss”, and Birmingham was no exception.

Kiss FM Birmingham was first heard in August of 1988 on 105.5 FM. They played dance, soul, hip hop, house, acid and rap music and even had a rock show on Friday nights! Right from the start they were a professional pirate and were highly thought of by fans of dance music. DJ’s included Mike Stewart, Alan Jay, DJ K, Rodney J, Stevie P, Peter J and IMD. They could be contacted by writing to Loading Bay Records, Bristol Road, Selly Oak.

Unfortunately they were one of those stations who seemed to get more than their fair share of problems. The station was off air a lot and there were always rumours that it was not always due to the DTI, but sometimes down to other pirate stations.

After being off air for a while, on the 21st of April 1989, they returned on a new frequency of 102.2. A DJ was heard to say they had hoped to of been on air the previous weekend but had been sabotaged 8 times! The caretaker of the block of flats they were in then threatened to report them to the DTI. This meant they went off on the 26th of April but were back on from a new location in May 1989 only to be raided soon after.

The station was not heard again, but various other stations used the Kiss name, although they had no connection with this one.


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Mike Stewart – Test Broadcast – 3/8/8863 mins
Rodney J & Stevie P – 12/8/8862 mins
Mike Stewart & Alan Jay – 27/8/8892 mins
Lady Cutie – 28/8/8868 mins
Peter J & Ital Irie – 30/9/8863 mins
The Viscount & Terry Jones – 12/11/8891 mins
The Viscount & Sean Williams – 13/11/8846 mins
Johnny Layton – 14/11/8846 mins