There are a number of reasons why people might start a pirate radio station. It may be to bring local radio to an area that is not already served, to serve a particular ethnic group or to play a certain type of music. But there is another reason: Political propaganda.

There have been a number of political pirates over the years. There was Radio Arthur during the 1980s miners’ strike and the CND supporting Sheffield Peace Radio, but probably the most famous was Radio Enoch.

Radio Enoch was operated by an organisation called “People against Marxism”, whose aim was to broadcast right wing views. They started in 1978 broadcasting to the Midlands on medium wave as Two Spires Radio. It was later realised that they would be able to cover a far greater area on Short Wave, so they added Short Wave along side the medium wave transmissions. Then at Christmas 1978 they changed their name to become Radio Enoch, named after the famous right wing politician.

Due to the sporadic nature of the broadcasts, 30 minutes on one Sunday a month, Radio Enoch was never raided, so little is known about the people involved. In the early 80s Following Margaret Thatcher’s 1979 election victory, and a near miss when one of the operators came close to arrest after being chased by the Home office, Radio Enoch ceased transmissions. They have not been heard since.

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Artwork & Paper Cuttings

Radio Enoch QSL Card
Cutting 1 – 23/3/79 NEW


Story & Interview 6 mins
Complete Broadcast – 11/2/79 91 mins
Extracts – 1979 16 mins