Calderdale Sound were first heard in 1976, with occasional broadcasts until 1984. They were based in the small town of Todmorden in the Calder Valley. The town is set between 3 valleys, so reception of nearby local stations was poor

In 1984 a new transmitter was bought and the station re-launched on 1405 kHz with weekly broadcasts. The response was great with an average of 80 phone calls each Sunday. However, it only lasted 6 Sundays before the station was raided on the 21st October. This was due to complaints from nearby ILR station, Pennine Radio.

The station owner found himself in court where he was fined but all the equipment, except the transmitter, was returned.

Spurred on the interest in the station, the station returned using RSL licences in the 1990s.


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Newspaper Cuttings


Calderdale Sound – 1405kHz – Todmorden – Dave Scott – 7/10/84
87 mins
Calderdale Sound – 1405kHz – Todmorden – Dave Scott – 14/10/84 60 mins