TYHM (or THYM – it is not certain exactly how it was spelled), pronounced ‘Time’ Radio, was a cassette based station playing only Soul music on 106FM during 1996 and possibly into 1997.

There were no DJs, just a sprinkling of jingles and ads to break up the music. The ads on the recordings of this station point to it being possibly connected with SPEC Radio. They announced a night run by SPEC’s RSL guise of Re-Spec FM, and also promote the coming of the next Re-Spec RSL broadcast later in the month (August).

Stickers were posted around central Bristol bearing the stations logo (hence it is known that it wasn’t simply spelled ‘Time Radio’), so the person(s) behind the station were serious about it enough but it was not a big fixture on the dial and didn’t stick around.


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TYHM Radio – 106 – 1996 NEW 87 mins
TYHM Radio – 106 – July 1996 46 mins
TYHM Radio – 106 – Aug 1996 91 mins