ThamesideLogoThameside Radio’s first broadcast was on the 11th December 1977. They could then be heard every Sunday (and sometimes more) until 1983.

They used 90.2 FM with presenters such as Tony Lloyd, Bob Edwards, The Intrepid Birdman, Alex Wright, Paul James, Terry Anderson and The Curly Man as well as many others.

The station was innovative for it’s time, conducting outside broadcasts and even having a go at pirate TV.

Following their 5th birthday, it became more difficult to maintain a regular schedule and the station gradually wound down. Following a raid on 15th May 1983, Thameside never reappeared.

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Thameside Radio – 90.2 – Bob Edwards – 22/10/7810 mins
Thameside Radio – 90.2 – History – 198050 mins
Thameside Radio – 90.2 – Bob Edwards – 16/9/7914 mins
Thameside Radio – 90.2 – Bob Edwards & Dave Bowban – 10/8/8060 mins
125 mins
Thameside Radio – 90.2 – Bob Edwards – 19/9/8229 mins