SYT-LogoS.Y.T was a truly enigmatic pirate. Dismissing the efforts of the community pirates’ attempts at legality and yet also keeping far removed from the hobby free radio scene. They were a slightly insane and wacky direct descendant of the first Bristolian pirate Rebel Radio, and was the brainchild of Doug Savage, Jeremy Yet and Pete Tender.

One of the stations key players, Pete Tender, was a confirmed revolutionary Marxist and even the stations musical output was radical. They featured industrial, indie, hardcore and speedcore metal, thrash, punk, new wave and…er…rock ‘n’ roll. There was also the reggae show with The Chaplain Sisters and Modge’s Wonderland Of Sound.

From 17th September 1988 to its first disappearance in August 1989, the station operated on tape and operated an open access broadcasting policy. They had a strong stereo signal 104.4 FM, and for a while in early 1988 were the only pirate on air in Bristol after the others had closed down to apply for a licence at the end of 1988. They even had a road show on Sunday 25th June at the Arnolfini Arts Centre.

During its second wave of activity, from March 1991 through to the beginning of 1992, it was live and even managed to survive an unauthorised raid by police based at Redland police station in early 1991.

The reason for the stations final close down in the following month may have been a full scale DTI raid.

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Artwork & Paper Cuttings


SYT 104.4 – Discover That SYT Feeling Jinglen/a
SYT 104.4 – Duke Of Beaufort Jinglen/a
SYT 104.4 – Fighting Jinglen/a
SYT 104.4 – Unknown DJ – 29/1/8945 mins
SYT 104.4 – DJ Low Alchohol – Clip – 19913 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 1- Late 199147 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 2 – Clip – 19916 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 3 – 199149 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 4 – 199180 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 5 – 199147 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 6 – 199131 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 748 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 830 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 9 – 17/11/9196 mins
SYT 104.4 – Ravers – 1035 mins