Storm FM ran for a month or so around March 2001 and it was a spin off of Passion FM. The station was purely for dance music of all kinds such as House, Techno, DnB, Garage and so on.

It featured DJs such as Pod, Pink Dean, Clipz, Anon Lee, The Psalmist, Paz, and others who had appeared on Passion FM previously.

It’s not certain why the station stopped broadcasting so suddenly. One explanation is that it may have had its equipment stolen or that it was simply taking too many resources from Passion FM.


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Queen Bee Flyer


Storm FM 103.5 – Psalmist – 29-3-01 31 mins
Storm FM 103.5 – Psalmist & Joe Black – 29-3-01 87 mins
Storm FM 103.5 – Pink Dean – 29-3-01 31 mins