SkylineLogoSkyline Radio broadcast to Southeast London and in 1982 could be heard on Wednesday nights on 90.2 FM.

Later, they were another station to exploit the loophole that was discovered in the early 80s, that is that the authorities could not confiscate any transmitting equipment without a court order. They started broadcasting 7 days a week from September 1983 on 1413 kHz medium wave and 103.6 FM, later moving back to 90.2 FM.

Their aim was to be a community radio service for Southeast London, and they also provided the first outlet for Chris Ryder. A.K.A Caesar the geezer. They were last heard in 1985.

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Newspaper Cuttings

Cutting 1 – The Sunday Times – 26/2/84
Cutting 2 – The Sunday Times – 27/5/84



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27 mins
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45 mins
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62 mins
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46 mins
Skyline Radio – 90.2 – Ed Bevan – 14/4/85
59 mins