Rock 2 Rock were first heard in April 1986. They could be heard on 90.2 FM, initially on Sundays only. They broadcast the usual mix of soul and reggae and by 1987 they had expanded to 7 days a week.

They always seemed to be raided more than other stations, and when the new laws came in 1990, they decided to close.

Some of the team formed a group called First Love Radio, and ran a number of RSLs in the 1990s. In 1999 they got a full time license, but as if often the case, the format was much watered down. There were many ownership and name changes including Fusion FM and South London Radio, before the station finally went off in 2009.

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Rock 2 Rock – 90.2 – Johnny J – October 87 46 mins
Rock 2 Rock – 90.2 – Inspector Scratch-It – 1/11/87 46 mins
Rock 2 Rock – 90.2 – DJ Frenchie – Summer 1990 11 mins