Rise FM were first heard testing in December 1988 on 104.3 FM. Soon after, they could be heard every Sunday evening with a mix of the harder end of dance music.

DJs included DJ Sam, Boy Wonder, Mellow D, Dynamic, Frame and Phase 9. Later broadcasts were on 98.4 FM before disappearing altogether.

Some of the Rise FM DJs were later involved in making their own music…rather than just playing other peoples.

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Rise FM – Flyer
Rise FM – Poster


Rise FM – 104.3 – Dudley – 198946 mins
Rise FM – 104.3 – Dudley – Roundy & Ruff Cutt – 26/2/8962 mins
Rise FM – 104.3 – Frame & Spin Master Sam – 8/7/9062 mins
Rise FM – 104.3 & 98.4 – Dudley – Clips – 1989-919 mins