In the mid 1980s Dave Fuller and Claire Mansfield used to jam CB channels playing rock music. They later decided it would make more sense to start a proper radio station, which would become RFM.

The first tests took place on 14th August 1986 on 89.7 FM, and continued regularly after that. Early broadcasts were a little rough and ready as they were learning as they went, but at the time RFM was the only place you could hear modern rock music. At the end of December RFM finally recruited an engineer, and technical standards improved rapidly. They then became a regular Sunday night fixture with 6 hours each week on 90 FM, with Dave and Claire being joined by American Dana Jay.

These early broadcasts soon came to the attention of DJs who had worked on earlier rock stations and wanted to get involved with RFM, which meant the station went from strength to strength. In late February 1987 they moved up to 94.3 FM and broadcasts were later extended to 14 hours. Live transmissions followed using a studio link with DJs such as Arthur Burton, Steve Martin, John Shakespeare, Monty zero, wolf and Mark Rogers.

Unfortunately, a lot of the new DJs were playing old rock music, where as the original format was modern rock music. This lead to Dave and Claire leaving to form DFCM, and later Radio Jennifer, while also doing shows on Raiders FM.

RFM continued to broadcast all day on a Sunday, later on 92 FM. More DJs joined including Hugo Lee Jay, Christopher England, Kenny Myers and Bear.

RFMs final broadcast was on 25th March 1990, as they intended to try and get a license. They did indeed conduct a couple of RSL broadcasts but never applied for a permanent license. Many of the DJs from RFM can still be heard on various stations.

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Cutting 1 – 3/9/87
Station Leaflet


RFM – 92 – Early Morning Phone-in – 10/6/89
59 mins
RFM – 92 – 3rd Birthday Outside broadcast – 13/8/89
86 mins
RFM – 92 – Bear – Steve Martin – 3/12/89
47 mins
RFM – 92 – Steve Martin – 3/12/89
47 mins