Radio Free London first came on the air in August 1968, on the first anniversary of the closure of Britain’s offshore stations. The broadcast was so successful, they decided to start regular broadcasts soon after, making RFL the first regular land based pirate radio station in Britain.

These broadcasts continued into early 1970 when some of the staff left to join a new offshore pirate station Radio Nordzee International which had started broadcasting in English from a ship anchored off the Dutch coast. With the loss of many important people, broadcasts from RFL became sporadic, and finally ended.

The station was to reappear and disappear for the next 30 years, using a variety of staff, frequencies and wave bands, but always with a good selection of rock music.

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RFL – 92.0 – Mark Ashton – 10/8/80
57 mins
61 mins
RFL – 92.0 – Steve Ego, Kenny Myers & Jenny Leather – 8/9/85
43 mins
RFL – 92.0 – Mike Burnett – 6/10/85
54 mins
RFL – 92.0 – Kenny Myers – 29/10/89
46 mins
RFL – 101.3 – Nigel Grant & Jodie, Peter Russell – 21/7/90
94 mins