This station started after SPEC Radio closed in 1992, playing cassettes for weeks on end and linking over Pukar Radio at one point.

This caused the Pukar DJs to rant with fury, “SPEC Crew, we know it’s you, 105 is Pukar’s frequency”, once the link jamming had stopped and Pukar’s audio returned. Raw FM then started broadcasting programmes properly.

Many of the SPEC DJs appeared on the station, but one of the DJs who hadn’t previously appeared on SPEC went on to win a Mercury prize for his album “New Forms” in 1998 – Roni Size.

Roni’s show didn’t last long as the station was getting requests for even more Reggae than it was currently playing, so the 2 hours of Jungle per week had to go. Raw FM was a different station to R.A.W. Radio at the end of 1988, but it did share some DJs and possibly even the management.


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Artwork & Paper Cuttings

Station Rota


Raw FM 101 – Dancehall – 199237 mins
Raw FM 101 – Reggae – 25/12/9241 mins
Raw FM 101 – Roni Size – Summer 199321 mins
Raw FM 101 – Roni Size – Clip – Summer 19933 mins
Raw FM 101 – Roni Size Clips – Summer 199324 mins
Raw FM 101 – Roni Size – 2/9/9394 mins
Raw FM 101 – Roni Size – Pt1 – 19/9/9346 mins
Raw FM 101 – Roni Size – Pt2 – 19/9/9346 mins
Raw FM 101 – DJ Krust, Roni Size & DJ Die – Late 199393 mins