One of the longest running free radio stations on Merseyside was Radio Merseywaves.

The station started in late 1984 by Merseyside’s free radio legend Bert Williams.  At first it was only on FM during Sunday evenings on 94.8MHz with just Bert himself.  It then expanded to medium wave on 1179kHz, again only on a Sunday evening.

As other staff joined up, hours were extended and the frequency changed to the well known 1242kHz, announced as 1233kHz / 244 metres.

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Newspaper Cuttings


Paul Jay – 6/5/84 46 mins
Burt Williams – 1988 92 mins
Kevin Jordan – Dave Collins – 15/7/88 46 mins
DJ Charles – 15/7/88 46 mins
Wayne Scott Country & Western Show – 17/7/88 46 mins
Pete Cetrine – 17/7/88 46 mins
Sid – 17/7/88 46 mins
Kevin Jordan – 18/7/88 46 mins
Tony Marshall & Chris Lyons – 20/8/88 93 mins