One of the bigger Birmingham stations of the early 1990s was Power FM.

They were first heard in late 1990 and were essentially another Black station. They broadcast the usual diet of reggae/soul/dance but in the early days even had an indie show on Monday evenings.

They had a good signal across the Midlands and, for a time in the summer of 1992, even introduced a second channel on 106.2 to increase their total coverage area.

DJs such as Little Richie started out on there and other DJs included Funky Bunny, Mikey D and Dilenger.

They were still going in the summer of 1995, but by the summer of 1996 they had disappeared. There were rumours of a return and, though it never happened, it is thought some of the Power management went on to be involved in other stations.


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Power FM 101.8 Schedule
Power FM 101.8 I.D.Card


Daddy GT – 5/11/9063 mins
Colin Clark – 12/11/9028 mins
Steve Williams – 3/12/90121 mins
Felix Travis – 23/12/9046 mins
Sugar D – 23/12/9046 mins
24/12/9046 mins
Jacko Melody – 25/12/9046 mins
Mac Eye Ranks – 1/1/9147 mins
Justin Case – Funk Show – 199114 mins
Stevie P – Clip – 199110 mins
Steve Williams – Stan Getz Tribute Show – 14/6/91108 mins
Steve Williams – Last Show – 28/6/9195 mins
The Funky Bunny – 6/9/9191 mins
Justin Case – Felix Travis – March 199243 mins
Lady JEM – 21/11/92115 mins
Mikey D & Dilenger – 22/11/9247 mins
Lady JEM – 1/8/9394 mins