Another of Nottingham’s big dance stations of the 1990s was Power FM.

They could be heard on 102.5 FM and featured many DJs who had been on earlier Nottingham pirate stations. Like most dance stations they were also involved in the club scene and used to put on nights at various clubs.

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DJ Donkey 163 mins
DJ Donkey 236 mins
DJ Donkey 392 mins
DJ Principle92 mins
Mark Jameson62 mins
DJ XTC – Sept 199242 mins
Cass Roc – Jan 1993104 mins
DJ Bad Boy T – 199346 mins
DJ Bad Boy T – Aug 199382 mins
DJ Dynamic – 199446 mins
DJ XTC – 199494 mins
DJ XTC Jungle – 199488 mins
DJ XTC – Jan 199482 mins
DJ XTC & Rizla – Dec 199444 mins
Mumbo – Jack DIY – 199541 mins
DJ XTC – 15/2/9593 mins