Radio Nova broadcast to Leicestershire in the early 1980s, borrowing their name and a few jingles from the famous Dublin station.

They were based originally in Groby, Leicestershire and broadcast on FM, with Radio Veronica and Radio King using AM. Veronica was based in Desford and King was based in Leicester Forest East.

When the three stations were simultaneously removed from air, the authorities thought that would be the end of it. How wrong could they have been! Des Ford and the owner of Nova FM had become good friends, and after things had calmed down they went to work building a really powerful AM transmitter. They a little help from a friend who, shall we say, was in the know…

The studio was built by Des Ford at 21 Amanda Road, Glen Pava. The aerial was an inverted ‘J’ originally, and the deal was that if they could be heard in Lutterworth (about 12 miles away) at 03.00 hrs then that would be great. You have to remember that this was well before the days of mobile phones and the only real way to know if they had archived their goal was to drive out and listen. It took a while, but after several modifications to the antenna, bingo they got it! A couple more days and nights testing and they were off and running.

They could be heard on 1404 kHz, 212 metres medium wave and featured all kinds of music including reggae with Steve Lee and the American County Countdown with Mike Amos and Bob Kingsley.

For a time in late 1983 they could claim to be Leicester’s only commercial radio station, following the bankruptcy and closedown of Centre Radio but before the replacement provided by Leicester Sound. Inspired by this, and the activities of Sunshine in Ludlow, they had a go at broadcasting 7 days a week. This proved to be a bad move, with the authorities coming down heavy on Radio Nova.

The station had gone by early 1984, but due to their professional nature many of their presenters moved on to work on other stations in Ireland, offshore, abroad and around the UK.


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Ross Brown – 7/10/8361 mins
Des Ford – 7/10/8361 mins
Kenny James & Steve Anderson – Part 1 – 6/11/8343 mins
Steve Anderson – Part 2 – 6/11/8393 mins
Steve Anderson – Part 3 – 6/11/8359 mins
Paul Graham – 15/11/8391 mins
Alec Newman – Final Day – 18/12/8362 mins