Notorious FM was originally started by a group of techies, free radio enthusiasts and people just sick of hearing the same old stuff on radio! These included DJ Twist, DJ Spook and a collective of 3 other DJ’s. The first broadcast was on the 11th February 2006.

They came from the Chesterfield area of Derbyshire broadcasting on 87.7 FM and played hip hop, grime etc as well as rock and indie music as they wanted to create a station for the young people in the local area. They slowly built up a community of listeners with prank calls, good vibes and general madness becoming the hallmark of the station. One of their jingles sampled the 1980s futurist song “Notorious” by Duran Duran, followed by a sample of the reggae track “Pirates’ Anthem”.

It all went well until the 12th of May 2007 when they were raided by Ofcom and the police. Luckily they only got the transmitter taken, but DJ Twist got a caution. For these 2 reasons Notorious became an online station.

Notorious Online has since had local artists such as Rayzel, Lil Proof and Vee Da I pass through the studio for interviews and has been featured in the local newspaper the Derbyshire Times.

More on Notorious FM can be found here:

Notorious Online’s FaceBook Page

Notorious Onlines Myspace Page


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FM Transmitter


DJ Rizla – 20/1/07 59 mins
Cali Blu – 20/1/07 60 mins
Notorious Documentary 2011 3 mins