Mix FM Logo Mix FM’s story starts in 1992, due to the closure of Hardcore FM. After this Mix Fm could be heard broadcasting on 106.3 FM at weekends to the East Midlands and surrounding areas.

In 1996 Mix FM moved frequency to 107.7 FM, however the weekend broadcasts became few and far between by the end of the year. After the New Year and with only a handful of weekend broadcasts having taken place Mix FM moved to Birmingham and on Saturday 30th March 1997 saw the re-launch of Mix FM, but this time from the second city.

The following weekend Mix FM was broadcasting with a full line-up of Dj’s and completed its first full weekend since arriving in Birmingham. Originally on 105.9 FM, Mix FM moved to 106 FM in late April 1997. After three months of uninterrupted weekend broadcasts Mix FM had to temporarily close down due to an unforeseen issue out of their control.

On Friday 24th October 1997 Mix FM started broadcasting once again, this time on a new frequency of 99.2 FM which saw Mix FM broadcasting every weekend without fail. After a successful extended Christmas and New Year broadcast, Mix FM’s reputation started to grow within Birmingham, with articles in magazines, support from record labels and numerous guest Dj’s. In February 1998 Mix FM moved frequency (again) to 106.5 FM.

After broadcasting on and off for a year Mix FM switched off at 3pm in February 1999. This saw a whole year’s absence of Mix FM on the Birmingham airwaves. During the absence people were constantly asking the question what had happened to Mix FM and when is it coming back on air?

With a lot of hard work, effort and commitment from the people involved, Mix FM came back on air on Friday 4th February 2000. The response & support from the listeners amazed everyone at the station and the question donned “Why did we go off air?” On Friday 27th October 2000 Mix FM moved frequency slightly down to 106.4 FM and with only a few slight interruptions up until Christmas, the extended schedule was penned in and Mix FM were looking forward to a full extended Christmas and New Year schedule.

March 2001 saw a few unexpected delays in broadcasting due to the authorities working overtime, but April to September saw uninterrupted broadcasting each weekend. After this point the station went off air for three months. December 2001 saw the return of Mix FM to the airwaves each weekend including a full extended Christmas and New Years broadcast. Mix FM continued to broadcast at weekends in 2002 until Saturday 9th February 2002 at 12.45pm when they switched off for just over a year.

After a year long break from broadcasting, Mix FM came back on air with test transmissions during early March 2003 on the frequency of 106.4 FM. Then, on Friday 28th March at 7pm Mix FM started broadcasting with a full line-up of Dj’s. Two very successful bank holiday weekends followed with an overwhelming response from the listeners, it just shows why it’s all worth it.

Broadcasts continued until Monday 11th August 2003 when the DTI raided the station. A few test transmissions have been heard since, but Mix FM has not returned to full time broadcasting in Birmingham.

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Moving forward to April 2013, and Mix FM have returned to the airwaves of Birmingham on their old frequency of 106.4 FM. They are currently broadcasting as a weekend station on FM and their new website can be found here www.mix-fm.co.uk which has more information about their current broadcast hours etc. We wish the guys at Mix all the best and hope their current stint on air is a long one.


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Newspaper Cuttings

Birmingham Evening Mail – 25/9/98


Station Artwork


Hardcore FM – Show 1 – 1992 14 mins
Hardcore FM – Show 2 – 1992 9 mins
Hardcore FM – Stresser – 1992 7 mins
Mix FM – 101.4 – DJ State – 27/6/92 29 mins
Mix FM – 101.4 – DJ Stresser – 27/6/92 27 mins
Mix FM – 101.4 – August 1992 31 mins
Mix FM – 101.4 – 7/11/92 57 mins
Mix FM – DJ Disorder – 1993 16 mins
Mix FM – DJ Wizz – 1993 14 mins
Mix FM – 107.7 – 1996 31 mins
Mix FM – 107.7 – DJ Spice – Mc Nipper – 16/6/96 47 mins
Mix FM – DJ Wizz – Oldskool Show – Part 1 – 1997 46 mins
Mix FM – DJ Wizz – Oldskool Show – Part 2 – 1997 46 mins
Mix FM – 99.2 – DJ Scooby – Show 1 – Oct 97 46 mins
Mix FM – 99.2 – DJ Scooby – Show 2 – 1997 46 mins
Mix FM – 106.5 – The Micro Logic Experience – 1998 43 mins
Mix FM – 106.5 – 1998 27 mins