Metro FM were first heard with test transmissions in early December 1988 with full programmes following shortly afterwards. They were initially a weekend station, but soon became daily and eventually a 24 hour 7 day operation.

They started on 104.9 FM with a format of black music and community information with DJs like Super C, Devious D & Bigger Dan.

They continued broadcasting into 1989, probably the largest of the pirates to do so (after many had closed down to apply for the Birmingham community radio license). Indeed, in 1989 and 1990 they were one of the most regular operators and were hardly ever off.

When BBC Radio Leicester moved to 104.9 in late 1989, Metro moved up slightly to 105.1, and stayed around that section of the band depending on what other pirates were also broadcasting between 105 and 106.

There was a long absence from Metro in 1991, before they made a brief return in late 1991 and were then off again until early 1993.

They were still on in 1994, but had gone by 1996.


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MCD & MC Solo – Kool Kat & Daddy Roxy – Dec 198863 mins
DFC – 10/12/8863 mins
Super C & Devious D & Bigger Dan – 1/5/8990 mins
Metro FM 104.9 – MCD – 8/9/8929 mins
Metro FM 105.1 – Steve Williams & Flirty Birty – 25/8/9082 mins
Metro FM 105.6 – Steve Williams & The Jazz Defecta – 8/9/90100 mins
Metro FM 105.1 – Steve Williams – 27/9/9095 mins
Metro FM 105.6 – GW – Test Transmission – 22/12/9163 mins
Metro FM 105.3 – Test Transmission – 17/1/9363 mins