Music City Radio (MCR) were first heard across Leeds in late 1986 on 90.3 FM. They were set up to serve the city’s black community playing mostly reggae and soul music.

The station always had a good signal, and then following a raid in 1988, decided to go even further with the addition of another transmitter on 104.9 for Bradford. This new service started on Monday 8th August 1988, and was not a relay but a completely new service. On the 1st October this new service changed its name to Paradise City Radio (PCR).

The other big station in Leeds at the time, ABC FM, suffered a big raid in October 1988. This put them off the air and by December of 1998, it looked like they were going to merge with MCR, who were, for a time, announcing as MCR/ABC.

Although ABC were still stating they planned to return, both ABC and MCR were both gone by the end of 1988, and neither were heard again.

However, the sister station to MCR, Paradise City Radio (PCR) in Bradford, were to continue for much longer. More information on that station can be found here.


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Newspaper Cuttings

Cutting 1 – 5/9/88
Cutting 2 – 13/9/88


MCR – Music City Radio – 90.3 – Leeds – DJ Holmes – 28/1/87 46 mins
MCR – Music City Radio – 90.3 – Leeds – Baby G – 28/1/87 46 mins