The original London Music Radio (LMR) started life during 1974, with the first official broadcast taking place on Christmas day on 385 metres. They were helped a lot by Radio Invicta in the early days, so they repaid the favour by relaying the Radio Invicta FM broadcasts on AM on a few occasions.

Originally they were only heard on Bank Holidays, but when Radio Kaleidoscope closed in early 1976, a few of their team decided to join up with LMR to start weekly broadcasts. These started on the old Kaleidoscope frequency of 1358 kHz on the 29th February 1976. Later on, FM broadcasts were added on 94.4 via The LTIR, which had recently reformed.

Broadcasts tended to be from South West London, but later moved to South East London. They were mostly field based with small transmitters powered by car batteries. In 1977, there was a split in the group which at one point meant there were two LMRs on at the same time. There were attempts to sort it all out, but this came to nothing and the station closed.

In 1981 the name was resurrected by a young electronics enthusiast Chris Miles. The station played alternative and commercial rock music with a good signal across London. They were first heard on Sundays on 92.5 FM, later moving to Saturdays on 94.4.

Chris’s engineering talents meant that the station progressed technically, and was soon broadcasting live every week via a band III link. Another technical innovation was the Talkback programme with Chris England. This was a live phone in show, which no other pirates were doing at the time. Although, it would often deteriorate into a competition to see who could get the most swear words on air before they were cut off!

LMR was raided many times, but would always return the following week. They were last heard in 1983, but many of their staff turned up on other stations well into the 90s.

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