Chicken George had been a DJ on PCRL for many years. When they temporarily closed down in early 1989 to apply for a licence, he was heard for a while on Supreme FM. However, he was soon to break away to start his own station.

This station was to be called Laser and was first heard over the weekend of 24/25th June 1989 on 99.1 FM. This was to be for just one weekend though, as by the following week they had moved to 92 FM.

They broadcast the usual mix of black music and community information and gave out an address of 99 Baker Street, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4RP. This address was shared with Radio Sangam at the time.

They continued well into the 90s, and after the station closed Chicken George could still be heard on other stations.


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Newspaper Cuttings

Advert 1 – 1989 NEW


Laser – 99.1 – Chicken George – 25/6/89 62 mins
Laser – 92.0 – Unknown DJ 16 mins
Laser – 92.0 – 16/7/89 62 mins
Laser – 92.0 – Chicken George – 14/4/90 62 mins
Laser – 92.0 – Chicken George – 4/12/90 47 mins
Laser – 92.0 – 23/12/90 62 mins