Kaos FM were first heard in the late 1980s. They broadcast rock and pop on 103.5 across Glasgow, Paisley and Renfrewshire. They could be heard from 6 PM till midnight every night, with extended hours at weekends.

By the early 1990s they had moved to 100.5.

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DJ Madcap Haze – 27/12/89 89 mins
Gus Michael – January 1990 46 mins
Joe La Tek – Big Archie The Gay Cavalier – 5/11/93 83 mins
Joe La Tek – 12/11/93 36 mins
Ivor B & Mad Dog – 20/11/93 120 mins
Joe La Tek – Dave Doubledecks – Church Of The Invisible Funk DJs – 12/3/94 296 mins