JoyRadio-StationLogoJoy Radio began broadcasting at weekends in 1986, following the closure of Horizon and Solar in 1985. They broadcast on 97.85 FM using a low power transmitter on one of the best sites in SE London. It soon started to attract listeners who wanted to listen to soul music and a touch of reggae. Early presenters included DJ Dex, Micky T, The Judge, DJ Bosk, Steve Dervin, DJ Fresh, Mike Howard, Mr Vee and Big BW.

In 1988 the line up of presenters included Noel H, DJ Mellow, Osi Os, DJ Submariner as well as Micky T, DJ Dex, BW and Mr Vee. Still broadcasting at weekends, there were odd gaps in transmissions due to changes in studios and with the odd transmitter raid.

In 1989 Joy Radio went from strength to strength. From a studio close to Crystal Palace it was broadcasting every weekend from September through to the beginning of December without a single raid, a total of 12 weeks. The presenters included Micky T, Noel H, Steve Collins, Ray Bradshaw, Clive Brady, Mike Howard, Terry James, Nicky Lawerence, Dave Black, DJ Rickster, Ossi Os, Big BW, Ray and Paul, DJ Spencer, Ian Eastwood, DJ Ross.

Joy Radio has since made a return to the airwaves broadcasting via the net 24/7 playing Jazz, Funk and Soul. Some of the original presenters are back including Noel H, BW, Dave Black and Clive Brady.

More information is available on their own website here:

Joy Radio Website


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Darren R – 4/12/88 46 mins
Clive Brady – 1989 123 mins
Clive Brady – November 1989 114 mins
DJ Rickster Dance Show – Clip – 25/12/89 1 min