Horizon Radio were first heard in late 91/early 92 on 100 FM. They grew quickly and by the summer were broadcasting 24 hours a day, and went on to become one of big 4 pirate stations from Nottingham in the mid 90s.

In mid 1992, due to the arrival of Classic FM, they moved up the band slightly to 100.7, and by May 1993 they were on 97.5.

Steve Jenner takes up the story:

‘My brother Paul joined the Horizon team back in I think 1991/2. He was introduced to the team by Barry Jarvis, the ‘dumplings’ in Stu and Dumplings. He in turn introduced me to the station and I joined the presentation line up in 1992. The main man was Andy Burton, who also produced a number of commercials etc for Heatwave in Nottingham and various other stations, some legal, some not.

I presented a number of shows from the Clifton Flats. We were getting out absolutely miles and it was only going to be a matter of time. I was absolutely terrified; as a teacher I knew if I was ‘apprehended by the authorities’ it wouldn’t look good for me – and I knew that because of that I would probably make a good ‘scalp’ to use as an ‘example’. I don’t think it was coincidence that the bust which finished Horizon as a pirate station happened the night I was due on air.’

After the end of Horizon, Steve and Paul Jenner went legit, running a number of RSL stations, before applying for a full time ILR license. They have since written a book about their exploits including a section on Horizon Radio, and a 2nd book about pirate radio in Nottingham 1986-1996. See links below for more details:

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Horizon Radio – 100 – Nottingham – Dave Arnold – Paul Anthony – 12/1/92 92 mins
Horizon Radio – 100 – Nottingham – Stu Richards – Andy Hughes – 15/6/92 94 mins
Horizon Radio – 100.7 – Nottingham – Stu Richards – Andy Hughes – Test – 7/2/93 94 mins