Horizon Radio were first heard in late 91/early 92 on 100 FM. They grew quickly and by the summer were broadcasting 24 hours a day, and went on to become one of big 4 pirate stations from Nottingham in the mid 90s. Early DJ’s included Dave Arnold, Ray Davies, Barry Jarvis, Paul Anthony, Stu Richards, Mike Ashley and Andy Hughes.

In mid 1992, due to the arrival of Classic FM, and moved up the band slightly to 100.7, and by May 1993 they were on 97.5.

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Horizon Radio – 100 – Nottingham – Dave Arnold – Paul Anthony – 12/1/92 NEW92 mins
Horizon Radio – 100 – Nottingham – Stu Richards – Andy Hughes – 15/6/92 NEW94 mins
Horizon Radio – 100.7 – Nottingham – Stu Richards – Andy Hughes – Test – 7/2/93 NEW94 mins