Globe FM LogoOne of the biggest ever pirates in the East Midlands, indeed at the time probably one of the biggest pirates outside London, was Globe FM.

The station started in October 1991 on 101 FM. When Classic FM started they made a brief move to 105.3, before settling on 107.7.

They had a run of nearly three years, during which time the station had several complete turnovers of personnel and was raided relentlessly. This ultimately resulted in the station’s demise and a suspended sentence for it’s, by then, sole manager and owner.

Globe FM never saw itself as a pirate, they often used the term unlicensed broadcaster, and strived for quality.

The station nurtured its talent and gave birth to countless careers, with ex-Globe alumni now working for the BBC, the four major commercial radio groups and across all media. Some remain plying their trade in night-clubs, internationally.

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Artwork & Paper Cuttings


Globe FM – Montage Part 1 – 1991-199310 mins
Globe FM – Montage Part 2 – 1991-199310 mins
Globe FM – Montage Part 3 – 1991-199310 mins
Globe FM – Montage Part 4 – 1991-199310 mins
Globe FM – AJ & Photos – 1/6/938 mins


Ray Davis – 25/11/9120 mins
Pete Collins – 27/2/9246 mins
Paul Taylor – Early 199222 mins
Paul Taylor – Aug 199214 mins
Nick Sims – Summer 1992117 mins
Phil Fielding – Goose Fair Special – 3/10/9220 mins
Paul Taylor – Breakfast (1st Birthday) – 25/11/9230 mins
Gospel Reflection – 3/1/9363 mins
Mark Wright – Feb 199320 mins
KKJ – Part 1 – 4/5/9342 mins
KKJ – Part 2 – 4/5/9368 mins
Steve Perry – June 199337 mins
AJ – Unedited Version – 1/6/9322 mins
Steve Perry – 12/8/9337 mins
Tony Angel – 28/1/9430 mins
Doctor Dereck – March 199431 mins
Tony Angel – 14/10/9462 mins