FreshLogoFresh FM started life on a Sunday in June 1991 testing on 101.2. Original founders of Fresh FM were Utty and Tappy. After test transmissions they started running full weekends from a flat on the edge of the city. Most of the Fresh FM DJs were visitors to Sneakers Records in the silver arcade which was run by Leroy (DJss) and Edriss.

Other original DJs included Schoolboy, Mastersafe, Manic, Dynamo, Black magic, Skully, Attraction B, and many more. They played a mix of techno, garage and reggae with other DJs later joining such as Ratty and Kaos.

In 1994 they decided to run 24/7 and took the decision to get all the commercial Leicester club DJs on board to do the Monday to Friday 7am-6pm slots whilst keeping the evenings and weekends more to the underground vibe. These DJs included Paul Barron, Krazy K, Funky 4 eyes and MJP to name but a few.

They moved up the band slightly to 105.9 for a while, and by 1996 were on 107.5 FM. They then moved up to 107.8, before moving down to 103 in 1998.

The station was still on by August 2000, calling themselves ‘Fresh 103 The Official Music Force’. By this point, they were only broadcasting from Friday night to Monday morning.

Many people from Fresh have gone onto bigger and better things, including Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips who went onto Birmingham’s Choice FM and ultimately Capital Radio in London.


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Masterplan – 1993 18 mins
D-Krime – July 1993 49 mins
Hardcore Trio – July 1993 47 mins
DJ Ratty – 1994 94 mins
Jason Kinch – May 1994 31 mins
DJ Whitey & MC Fever – 1995 41 mins
Fresh FM – 1998 10 mins
DJ Lambardo & MC Feva – Aug 1998 93 mins
DJ Lambardo & MC Feva – 8-8-1998 21 mins