Embedding YouTube & Soundcloud Files

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Embedding YouTube & Soundcloud Files

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Hi All,
You can now embed within your posts YouTube videos, Soundcloud files and also mp3 files.

To embed a YouTube video, press the YouTube button at the top of your post screen and enter the video ID only between the youtube tags.

Original link from youtube when pressing the share button = http://youtu.be/Qg-nIAnUZwE
Correct way to enter the link = [youtube]Qg-nIAnUZwE[/youtube]

As with YouTube press the soundcloud button but this time enter the whole url of the file you want to embed, this you will find in your browsers address bar.


MP3 Player
Last one, you can now embed an MP3 player into your posts too if you so wish. All you need to do is press the mp3 button and enter the link to your mp3 file where ever that might be eg Mediafire, personal server, anywhere.



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