Ambur Radio 103.6 FM

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Re: Ambur Radio 103.6 FM

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Dave wrote:
Tue Apr 07, 2020 4:39 pm
OFCOM TX Parameters have updated - it's where it was before (Townsend House)
50 watts omni
157 meters.
Prior to Townend it used to be Tameway Tower. Prior to that it was Little London House, a 16 storey block of flats in Caldmore.

Mb21 says " July 2019 - Transmitter moved to Walsall Townend House following demolition of the building on this site". By demolition of building I presume they mean the one on the roof as Tameway is still there lol. Assume something to do with conversion of Tameway Tower from office space to residential

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Re: Ambur Radio 103.6 FM

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Nice to see the "Mercury" SHF Link antenna on the roof on MB21 - I used to work for them! 1997 at the absolute newest.

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